Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Get Rid Of The Bing Bar

Do you have the Bing toolbar on your web browser application? Would you like to delete it? This program is slightly stubborn in matters of deletion, and is not as helpful as the Google toolbar that I prefer to use. Here are some simple instructions to remove the Bing bar from your web browser.
  • Click on the Tools menu on the top of the browser. Click on Add-ons.
  • Locate Extensions and then click on the Bing bar in the list.
  • Click on the Uninstall button for the Bing bar so that it gets uninstalled from your web browser.
  • Select the Uninstall button so that you confirm your actions. The Bing bar should no longer be a disturbance.
This is the simplest way to remove Bing toolbar from the system. However, when did all this, I noticed there were still a few remnants of the toolbar in the system. So I needed a way to make sure that all the associated programs and additions were also cleared from the system. The best place to do this is the registry where you can delete or disable the registry keys related the Bing bar. Just click on Start, select Run and type Regedit. This will open the system registry editor program. However extreme caution must be taken when using the system registry. Any unwanted or accidental deletions or changes could spell disaster for your computer. I had it easy as I know my way around the registry. If you guys do not have a clue, then make sure that someone experienced sits along.

If you want to remove Bing toolbar in a less messy, and safer, way, then the best option is to download a powerful program uninstaller tool. Such a third party software not only helps get rid of Bing toolbar, but also detects any fragments on the Bing bar in your system, and deletes it right away. In addition these tools work just as efficiently in deleting other programs.

Download the Perfect Uninstaller, as it highly recommended by computer experts, and is employed by many organizations to clean their systems. You could really help keep your systems in good shape by downloading this program. Not only does it have a powerful detection tool, it also makes sure no remnants of the unwanted program remain in the system. Keeping the system clean and devoid of useless CPU consuming programs will boost your system’s performance.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Xbox One To Get Ten Years Of Support From Microsoft

Game consoles are the craze for teenagers and adults alike. Since everyone enjoys gaming and entertainment, buying a game console would be a great idea. Xbox One is the game console developed by Microsoft Corporation and it is the successor to Xbox 360, which is the game console used by millions of gamers around the world.

Microsoft is known to offer support for its product line for a few years and the same is granted for Xbox One. Microsoft had recently announced that they will be extending support for their favorite console Xbox 360 till 2016. When Xbox One was launched on November 22, Phil Harrison who is the Vice President of Microsoft said in his keynote address that it is a ten year journey. There are several varieties of features included in the new console and hence there are more than 300000 servers of Microsoft that are obviously looking forward to provide assistance for multiplayer features, networking services as well as for cloud processing.

Many users have been contacting the Microsoft help line to know more about the various features and updates of the console. Xbox One is a bit costly console and it cost about $500. However, the buyers of Xbox One consider the same to be a lifetime console. Hopefully it will last for the period with the support period of at least 10 years as intended by Microsoft. During this period, the users could contact the Microsoft help line and get the necessary assistance for different problems associated with the console.

Recently a hardware problem of ‘red ring death’ was encountered by several systems and Microsoft had to work to fix the same. Some hardware malfunctioned and they had to replace the damaged ones with a new set of console. Though this was a flaw right from the start, Microsoft which always intends to rectify their product flaws had been releasing many updates regarding their console and users would be able to get them at the appropriate times.

The support for a product that is extended for ten years is not a small thing and this will definitely be a relief for those who have purchased Xbox One. At least they could continue gaming for ten years or more as they wish without any worries.

Hope more people would contact Microsoft help line and buy the new game console Xbox One.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Arkham Games For Windows Live Program

The rumor is that the Games for Windows Live program has been excised from two games- Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Batman’s tool belt has always features the best and advanced gears on the planet. It has always struck us that the World’s Greatest Detective would use Games for Windows Live program as the PC platform. Warner Bros has now announced that Batman has given up on the soon to be closed Games for the Windows Live platform in favor of the Steam’s collection of copy protection and similar features.

GFWL copy protection and the features have been removed from Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Asylum. The upgraded Steam versions now include cloud support, Steam Achievements, full controller support, Big Picture support, and Steam Trading Cards. An announcement on the Steam detailed, “If you purchased either of the games on Steam all you have to do is let Steam download the latest patch and you will be fine. If you purchased the games somewhere else you will need to enter the code in Steam.” The users of the steam report a free upgrade to the GOTY editions of each of the title upon registering their product key in Steam.

If you already have the games on Steam, you can let the patch download. If you have bought the games from elsewhere, you can simply register the CD with Steam. If you have a game in progress, you will have to hold off, as you will not be able to retrieve the GFWL infected save games. The Steamworks version of both of the games now feature achievements, Big Picture mode, cloud saving, proper controller support and trading cards. This was confirmed by contacting the Windows live support team.

When the players switch to a new copy protection system, they will be forced to restart the game, as the saves rooted in the GFWL platform are not compatible with Steam. Both these Batman games are available for 75% off to celebrate The Dark Knight’s upgrade to industry’s preferred computer platform. If you wish to know more on the Batman Arkham games and the latest updates on the games, you can contact the Windows live support team. They will be able to provide you with the latest updates on the game. You may also visit the official website of the Arkham games to for latest news and updates.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Windows 8 - The Most Secure Windows OS Ever

We all know, Windows 8 did not get that good a reception as anticipated, after all the pre-launch hype that the Operating System’s release had gathered. But, some do feel that, the criticism has been a little harsh, since there are certain factors about the latest Windows installment which make it superior compared to the previous Operating Systems. Therefore, before ignoring the new OS, you need to consider the protection the latest OS is offering to guard against security threats like malwares. But, even as we consider the security aspect of the latest OS, there are many other things (that will be mentioned later in this article) which you need to know so that you can take an informed decision on whether to buy the new OS.

You might not think it as important, like most people who do not consider the protection from security threats like malware offered by Operating Systems as a big deal. But, to be frank it should be one of the most important factors that you should consider before choosing an Operating system. The world’s largest software company wants you to know that Windows 8 is the most secure version of Windows ever.

According to the software maker, the latest Windows version is 21 times more secure than Windows XP, and 6 times more secure than Windows 7, its previous version.

This may not actually come as a surprise because the number of threats depends on the time the hackers had to find the vulnerabilities in order to exploit them. If you consider Windows XP, the OS was launched 12 years ago, whereas Windows 7 is 4 years old, and compared to that the latest one-year-old Operating System is brand new.

Apart from that, the new Windows edition does come with more security features, Chris Hallum, the Senior Product Manager for Windows mentions those benefits like Secure Boot, for instance, disallows malware from starting as the system loads. The new OS also supports a new type of drive, which is called encrypted hard drive, also Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. Windows OS 8.1, which was just released adds additional security features.

Now, you might think these are not that great upgrades, but even a little bit of additional security is a good thing, mainly if you use your computer for your business or office use. So, you may now make up your mind about whether or not to upgrade to the new Windows OS.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Get Rid Of Fax Numbers From The Address Book In Outlook

If you have already used Outlook, you would be familiar with almost all the features in it. Using it, you can send email messages, manage contacts, update calendars and do many other things. You would also be familiar with the Outlook address book, which comprises of all the contact information pertaining to the recipients. Sometimes you may have Fax number in these fields and you could easily remove them from it and place it separately. If you are not using the fax number any more, you could add it to another box or field as you like. Follow the set of instructions given below that will help you remove the fax number from the Outlook address book.

  • You need to open Outlook and click on File menu that you would find at the top of the window. Now choose Import and Export.
  • Select Export to a file and select Next.
  • Choose Comma Separated Values(Windows) in the dialog box.
  • Select Contacts and click Next.
  • You need to choose a location to save the file and select Save exported file as box and select Next. It will help you to recover the file if you delete it accidentally.
  • You need to open Microsoft Excel and get the exported file that you have already saved.
  • Now look for the column that has the fax numbers and the heading can be changed to OtherPhone and the original column with the OtherPhone heading can be deleted. If you have an OtherPhone column with some information in it, you can select another blank column and delete it. Now the Fax column name can be changed and you can provide the name of the deleted column for this.
  • Now save the changes. When you receive prompt whether to save, click Yes and close Microsoft Excel.
  • In Outlook, select File menu and select Import and Export.
  • Choose Import from another program or file and choose Next.
  • Select Comma Separated Values(Windows) in the dialog box, then Import a File and select Next.
  • You need to provide the location and give file name for Excel file and select Replace duplicates with items imported and select Next.
  • Select Contacts and click Next. Now select Finish. Now you will not find the fax number any more. 
These changes will help you remove the fax number from the Outlook address book.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mimaki Releases Software Updates For Windows 8

Since its launch last year, many customers have upgraded their operating systems to Windows 8. Windows 8 upgrade was an easy task as Microsoft offered numerous techniques to make the upgrade. Hardware developers too started to release software programs that will enable their hardware equipments to function well with the operating system. With the release of more and more drivers for the operating system, many people have upgraded their existing Windows operating systems to explore the features of Windows 8.

Latest in this list of manufacturers is Mimaki. The company has now released software programs, which will enable Windows 8 users to run its inkjet printers. With the latest release of RIP software programs, users can use all versions of inkjet printers in Windows 8. We had seenn RasterLink Pro 5 in Windows 7 computers, and the company has now released RasterLink 6, which will help users to RIP files more quickly and efficiently.

You can acquire these latest software programs by two methods. Hybrid services, who are the exclusive dealers of Mimaki products in UK and Ireland says that you can either download the programs from the official website of Mimaki or use the update feature included in the existing program. You may download and install the new updates on any of the printers from Mimaki and these include UJF-3042, CJV series and JV33 series.

According to Steven Barrance, who is the technical support officer of the company, "This simple-to-use feature is available for customers running RasterLink Pro 5 and all customers who have full versions of RasterLink 6. It allows users to benefit from the latest Windows operating system, along with other performance and profile updates as they become available."

The latest packages from Mimaki, RasterLink Pro 5 and RasterLink 6, are designed to function exclusively for its wide range of printers. With the new RIP packages, the company hopes to enhance the spot color support and the editing functions. This will in turn ensure superior results for the user.

With Mimaki’s latest release of software programs, we may soon see its competitors releasing similar updates for their printers. After the Windows 8 upgrade, many customers have been in search of supported programs for the various hardware applications. However, Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 just one year after the release of Windows 8, and we are yet to find out whether the new operating system would support the latest releases from the company.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Instructions For Using Outlook Tasks

Microsoft Outlook is a personal manager program with an email manager program, a calendar option, a note-taking feature and a tasks’ manager. Follow the simple instructions given below for creating a new task in Microsoft Outlook.

  • For creating a new task in the Outlook program, click on the File tab located at the menu bar found at the top of the application window and then select the Task option found under the New option in the drop down menu. 
  • When the new task window appears, fill in all the details about the task you wish to create like the start date of the task, subject, status and contacts for the task. You can also open this window by clicking on the Tasks icon found in the clipboard. You can enter the task beside the option that reads Click to Add a New Task. 
  • Now finish the Outlook setting configuration of the task by clicking on the To-Do List found in the Tasks window. 
  • The Outlook program also allows the users to make a completed task active again. The completed tasks can be viewed by clicking on the option named Completed Tasks found under the Tasks tab. Double click on the task you wish to revive and then change the status of the task to reflect the progress of the present situation. 
  • If you wish to assign the new task created to some users, you can do so by following the simple Outlook setting instruction given here. Click on the File tab and then on the Task Request tab found under the New option of the File drop down menu. In the To field of the message, type in the email address of the recipient. 
  • After including all details about the task like the start data, time and status option, click on the Send button for sending the invitation to the recipient. 
  • If you would like to view the task created by another person, you can check that by clicking on the Open Shared Tasks option found under the Tasks tab. If the user has not given you permissions to view or change the task, you can ask the users to grant you permission by sending a notification message. 
If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to create a task in the Outlook program with ease.